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Interracial Couple


The following services are available to you through this website:

Ancestral Realms

           Constellation Retreats, ongoing groups, Training

                 Ancestral Geno-Chart-Process™ 

                 Ancestor Table

                 Ancestral Curse Unraveling 

                 Channeling your Ancestors: small group, 1:1


Therapy Realms

                 Individuals, Families, Couples and groups

Severe hardships for Families and Individuals such as loss, death, abuse, violence, chronic illness.

Integrative Process, Spirit Emergence, Bi-Polarities and non-ordinary phenomena.

Dream Interpretation, Past-Life Remembering and Processing, Ancestral Inclusion.


Spirit & Nature Realms

           Spirit Clearing (Compassionate Depossession)

                 Curse Unraveling

                 Spirit World: training, practice groups, mentoring

                 Community Rituals & Events      


Professional Realms

           Training & Certification in Constellations and Geno-Chart-Processing™

                Initiation into the Ancestor Table and Spirit World

                 Supervision for Professionals

                            Mentoring related to Ancestral Fields, Systemic Therapy & Spirit Integration 

                 CE certified Classes - 7 Sins of Helping, Constellations,  Group Dynamics, Wise Business, Systemic Healing


Transformational Journeys
           Germany, Poland, Iceland

           15-months Intensives


Family Constellation Practitioners in the United States