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"The Field forms the Thing not the other way around."Albert Einstein
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The Geno-Chart-Process™ reveals generational dynamics that operate in our Soul, Family and Un-Conscience. They operate for all of us and in good support to us.

Occasionally however, we find ourselves with serious limitations and ask:

  • Is this something I can change?

The Geno-Chart-Process™ first identifies everyone that is part of your generational make-up. Think of it as a DNA approach to relationships. We need to know who is part of your family to determine your genetic facts. The Generational Un-Conscience works identically, so knowing WHO is part of your past and present is important.

That said, this approach takes us outside the realm of genealogy, family tree or genograms. The Geno-Chart-Process™ factors in a multitude of layers, such as: historical events, previous spouses, miscarriages, still-born children, intimate relations, loss/gain of properties, immigration, who was left behind, etc.

Revealing answers to the following questions:

  • Who made room so you can be here today?
  • Who was involved in a life or death exchange that was instrumental to your family’s survival?
  • Who has been shunned, excluded, forgotten?


The Geno-Chart-Process™ focuses on WHO is part of the family tribe as it pertains to the structural foundation of a family. Is it strong? Weak? Full of misteries or ‘holes of awareness’?

Its focus is less on individual relational experiences as it steps outside the relational context of psychology or sociology. It much resides on the edge of psychology and field conscience – and illuminates the effects of what is named: the morphogenetic field. In lay-person terms: a historical and generational memory that obides to basic orders and principles.

Wherever these basic orders and principles are challenged or negated, symptoms appear for a family or an individual.

Symptoms are: Loss of children during pregnancy, infertility, conflict, violence, abuse, affairs, betrayals, chronic illness, chronic absence of success or money troubles – to name a few.

The greatest worry clients who wish to know more about their generational dynamics is that they do not know much.

The answer here is: do not worry! This process, called the Geno-Chart-Process™ was developed and designed through Andrea Largent in its capacity to bring memory from the unconscious to the forefront.

Throughout the first session (90 min), you are asked a series of 12 questions.

A Geno-Chart is created from your answers, leaning on symbology , and allowing Andrea to observe your family entanglements in the unconscious and Un-Conscience of your family system or tribe.

During your second session (45-60 min) you learn about the two generational dynamics that streamline your life. This time is also reserved to speak to you about any immediate challenge of life you are experiencing and how it may / may not relate to a generational make-up into which you agreed to be born.

Follow up sessions are possible but not typical nor required.

The Geno-Chart-Process™ is subtle yet quite powerful. Clients repeatedly processed their deepest family dynamics ‘just’ by attending to this process of: gathering, connecting, and contextualizing – into a place of long-term peace and letting go.

This process also serves as a deepening preparation or for Family Constellations, both: before or after a Constellation.


2-session-process: 90 min and 60 min @ $125/hour

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