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Meet Andrea Bosbach Largent

Andrea Bosbach Largent has training and experience in diverse areas—from the corporate world to psychotherapy, from athletic training to meditation. Her specialty, the family constellation philosophy, has been a consulting field for her since 1995, first in Germany, her home country, and, as of 2000, in Europe, Canada, and the United States.

Andrea holds a degree in accounting, her first profession, as well as a Masters Degree in social pedagogy, social work, as well as a degree in Systemic Family Therapy. She is a therapist, counselor, teacher and workshop facilitator, and has over 25 years of corporate, social, not-for-profit and entrepreneurial experience both in Europe and the United States.

As a social worker in the United States, she has served low income families to gain financial self-sufficiency. To do so, she implemented programs in Chester County to gain financial knowledge. She has been available to residents with ongoing budget and credit counseling, independent of their income structure, for 12 years.

Since her life in the United States (2000), her studies have further included curse unraveling, compassionate de-possession, shamanic journeying, past life regression and past life processing, classical, as well as yin and Taoist yoga and training in family conferencing using circles in the context of restorative justice.

She has brought with her foundations in Systemic Family Therapy, Reiki, Neurolinguistic Programming, Gestalt Therapy, Psychoanalysis, and a passion for human and consciousness development.

Her meditation skills developed early, in her teens, and have been a core support to her, both professionally and personally.


Most recently, she has given lectures at the University of Philadelphia, the Yoga Life Institute in Devon and the Gestalt Institute in Malvern. She is a statewide trainer for the University of Pittsburgh, PA, educating social workers and others in the helping professions on family dynamics, strength-based family engagement and family group conferencing.

She has also been a trainer with the Yoga Life Institute in Devon where she counseled trainees on their counseling competence as Yoga therapists, as well as mentoring case studies in becoming a Yoga therapist during their first year.

Andrea has initiated many business ventures, and community projects. She currently leads

  • the Constellation Academy, which includes a 5-year Family Constellation Training,
  • year-long Family Constellation Intensives,
  • multiple Family Constellation groups in varies locations,
  • a Case Study Circle for Professionals,
  • Mentoring and Training for Professionals on the Inclusion of Systemic and Multi-Generational Perspective and Application in Therapy,
  • Training and Supervision for Geno-Chart-Practitioners™
  • Circles with a seasonal or ceremonial structures (old gaelic and seidr tradition)


In addition she leads a ‘Therapist Roundtable’ in Kennett Square, which intends to connect and support Therapeutic Professionals in their care for self and their clients. Previous circles included a “Come-unity” resource circle, a “Spirit” circle, and family group conferences and training therein.

She offers individual, couples and family counseling and therapy as an integral part of her practice. Intensives for those interested in committing to a full year of introspective and personal growth are also part of Andrea’s services.

Andrea is available to speak on family constellations and a range of topics, including:

  • Addictions, “Fates and Faith,”
  • Past Life Processing,
  • Mental Illness,
  • The Constellation Roots of Physical Illness,
  • Family Restoration and
  • Field Constellations and the Family—Intergenerational and Interdimensional Connectors.

As well as her trademarked and very own: Geno-Chart-Processing™, an easy add-on service to 1-on-1 therapy professionals, who wish to include the ancestral foundation to the reality of therapy and processing.


Her offices are located in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. 

She is happy to travel and visit your office or retreat site.

To initiate a hosting  agreement, please write to her, or:

download here: Hosting Agreement.