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GenoChart Training and Certification

Trainings inside the Constellation Academy

Training in Ancestral Constellation Facilitation

Training in Spirit World

Constellation as Supervision

CE certified Classes

The Geno-Chart-Process™ and its power of Multi-Generational Inclusion, Basics: 10 CE'sCo-sponsored by the PSCSW, April 2018 and November 2018, Flyer & Registration, click here.

The Geno-Chart-Process Certification, 60 hours - March 2019

Initiates full access of Ancestral Inclusion on all generationally relevant dynamics as part of your therapeutic practice.

Certification (60 hours), click here.

Trainings inside the Constellation Academy

Flyer with full schedule, click here


Training in Ancestral Constellation Facilitation

Spirit World: An initiatory training

Spirit World assists you in building an inner structure to stay grounded, aware, and safe while connecting with the non-ordinary world of spirit.

Once inner structures are established, Spirit World introduces you to navigating the various Spirit Realms as well as Mediumship.

Day 1: September 26, 2018 - Day 2: September 27, 2018, 10 am to 4:30 pm

To initiate your Spirit World Training, register here:

Constellation as Supervision:

This CaseStudy Circle meets once a month and is uniquely designed for therapy professionals interested in pursuing a holistically and systemically sound therapy for their clients.

2nd Monday, 3 to 6:30 pm, Kennett Square, PA


To join this diverse group of professionals, please contact Andrea directly.

7 Sins of Helping, 6 CE's

A one-day teaching on how to create a frame of successful helping for your practice. Systemically sound, rewarding, non-tiring. 

Co-sponsored by the PSCSW, February 19, 2018 & October 8, 2018

Additional Building Blocks are offered as well.

Flyer and registration, click here

Group Dynamic Seminar:

Leading groups since 1981, interactive learning.

June 2018

To register, click here

Successfull Business

Group and Individual Mentoring upon individual request: $75 for 30 minutes

August 2018, to register click here

Individual and Group Supervision upon request.

30 minutes individual or small group (3-5 participants) - $75

Three Orange Circles

Andrea is a therapist, counselor, teacher, and workshop facilitator and has over 25 years of corporate, social, not-for-profit and entrepreneurial experience both in Europe and the United States.

While Andrea has training and experience in diverse areas—from the corporate world to a variety of psychotherapy, from athletic training to meditation, yoga, enery, and ritualistic healing. Her specialty, the ancestral forces in our lives: namely Family Constellations and the Geno-Chart-Process™, has been a consulting field for her since 1995, first in Germany, her home country, and, as of 2000, in Europe, Canada, and the United States. 

As part of her expertise and her passion in passing skills along, she has become a leading trainer in the field of Constellations, Business & Private Practice, as well as Group Dynamics. And, of course, her own contribution to the Field of Human Relations:

The Geno-Chart-ProcessTM which is accessible as a 10 hour training (basics) and a 60 hour training (certification).

For a schedule of trainings, please click here.

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