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Spirit Clearing - Space Clearing - Compassionate Depossession - Curse Unraveling

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  Nature does not waste.      What exists has purpose. 

Inner balance and an understanding in engaging even the most unusual of phenomena, such as spirits, non-physical beings, curses, practices of nature offerings, and ceremony derives out of the knowing that all has a purpose. And in that, all has an equal right to life, and to exist in this infinitely diverse universe; including Earth. 

Andrea's place of inner home and provision of services is guided by her belonging to the Norse Tradition of the Sami People, her Germanic and Eastern European heritage (polish and russian), and her grandmothers' Gypsy wisdom.


Spirit & Space Clearing:

Compassionate Depossession

Spirit Clearing attends to the phenomena of other beings co-existing inside or attached to our physical body or energy body. A spirit clearing would commonly be known as a 'compassionate depossession'. This phenomena is quite common, and most beings coexist beautifully and in unison to one another. And: sometimes, one being overshadows an-other, at which point a spirit or space clearing may be warranted. Its focus is to provide what is needed to all sentient beings involved.

First session: 90 minutes, 45 minute follow up session 10 days later

To initiate a Spirit Clearing, use this intake.

Curse Unraveling

Curses can be carried over centuries, millennia, and generations. As a facilitator of Ancestral Constellations for the past 3 decades, the phenomena of a Curses' limitation presented itself naturally.

The process provided here as a Curse Unraveling was taught to Andrea through the skilled leadership and teachings of Betsy Bergstrom (www.betsybergstrom.com).

Curses can be unravelled, its effects can be stopped.

To inquire about the presence of a curse, and remove its impact on todays' life, body and well-being, both energetically as materially, I can assist with a diagnostic inquiry (45 minute, in person session).

The actual curse removal would be:

First session: 90 minutes, 45 minute follow up session 10 days later

To initiate a Curse Unraveling, use this intake.

Spirit Mentoring

Spirit Mentoring focuses on one's connection with Spirit Team: Guides, Protectors, Nature. Spirit Mentoring is personalized to your process. It can be quite basic and introduce you to guides and protection. And it can be quite sophisticated in assisting you to be more effective in your life, work, or in ceremonies you intend to provide.

Available in small groups (3-5 participants), and individually.

One-on-One: 30 minutes @ $75 - 60 minutes @ $150

Small group (3-5 people), 120 minutes, $75/person

To initiate your Spirit Mentoring, use this intake.

Spirit Circle - 1st Thursday/month

An ongoing practice group for Spirit World Mediumship. To participate, completion of Spirit World Training is required. A short in-person interview process is part of joining this circle: 30 minutes @ $75.

We meet on the 1st Thursday of the month, from 5 to 8:30 pm, $65/session.

Open enrollment each month.

To initiate you joining, please contact Andrea @ [email protected].

  Spirit World - An Initiatory Training -

Receiving Messages from your Loved Ones - Mediumship

The Ancestor Table

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Community Events and Rituals

Hosting Andrea is possible:

  • Community event & rituals
  • Personal ritual and ceremony

To initiate hosting Andrea please email her at [email protected] All matters related to community events and rituals are designed in collaboration and uniquely to your request.

In your email to Andrea, please be as specific as possible as to what you with to achieve:

Purpose, time-frame, dates, number of people involved, location.

We appreciate your specificity!