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Interracial Couple

“The Field forms the Thing not the other way Around” 

(Albert Einstein)

At the heart of my skills lies the ability to observe complexity and an ability to change complex paradigms with minimum input.

As human people, we live in complex systems, are born into an Ancestral Heritage, Culture, Economics, Religious and Political Circumstances, and: of course: Nature in all its Relations.

All is part of therapy in this practice. All requires initial attention. Assessing where the strongest place of impact occurs, effecting maximum change in response to a challenge in life, health or wealth.

With that in heart and mind, my practice holds collaboration of profound value:

A well-rounded referral system is accessible and includes various psycho-therapeutic modalities, psychiatry and body-wellness such as Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Wholistic Pharmacology, Dentistry, and Body-Workers as well as Massage Therapists and Energy Practitioners.

Services are directed towards individuals, couples, families - small and large, as well as professionals seeking a systemic context.

  • Adults & Couples
  • Families with / without children
  • One-on-One, Group
  • Training, Supervision & Mentoring

Severe hardships such as tragic loss or death, domestic violence, abuse including ritual abuse, mental health challenges: bipolar, schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, suicidality, and non-ordinary phenomena are welcomed in this practice.

Holistic Practice, Systems and Process Oriented.

  • Family, Marriage and Individual Therapy
  • Multi-Generational Trauma
  • Past Life Processing
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Spirit Clearings

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At your service,                           

Andrea Bosbach Largent