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Interracial Couple

Transformational Journeys take you to on 7-day retreats within which you may encounter the land of your Ancestors, a Spirit Journey to a Sacred Site or Figure, all the while being supported through facilitated leadership and community.

Transformational Journeys travels once a year, generally in May to the following locations:

Germany, Bingen on the Rhine - Honoring Hildegard of Bingen, an 11th Century Mystic, Healer, and Leader - 2018  (put picture next to it called Hildegard wrold). 

Icelandic Lava Fields - Honoring the 5 Elements, Water, Fire, Earth, Air and Sacred Space -  May 2019

Poland, Danks / Danzig - An Ancestral Journey to our Easter European Roots: german/english - November 2019